Columbia Records

From June 2010 to September 2010 I had the incredible opportunity to intern as a Digital Marketing Intern at Columbia Records in Los Angeles, California. There I wrote mobile and web applications to connect their musicians to their fans in groundbreaking ways.

Technologies used: Android, iOS, Web

Languages and IDEs Used: Java, Objective-C, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Eclipse, XCode, SVN

Columbia Records Artist Mobile App

My primary role involved designing mobile apps on iOS and Android that would help fans connect more easily to their favorite musicians. Despite the extreme newness of much of the technology used I developed an application that:

  • Was cross-platform
  • Supported sound, video, and images in many
  • Connected to content distribution networks to pull music videos
  • Directly linked to iTunes for audio playback
  • Pulled feeds from artist’s Twitter feeds
  • Supported in-app purchases
  • Used 1 configuration file to configure the app for different artists

The app continued development in-house and appeared on the app store for Beyoncé and Hey Monday in 2011.

Samuel I Heart NY Remix Site:

Along with developing the app, I also developed remix sites for artists to support recently launched singles. I used Ruby on Rails to launch a site hosting a remix contest to promote Samuel’s then-recent release “I Heart NY”, with the winner getting to fly out to New York City to spend a day with Samuel.